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Presented by Jill Valdez,
Founder & COO at LINK Consulting

Jill has been helping people for over 20 years … helping with better systems for their company, helping with better communication, helping them with overcoming obstacles that keep them from being all that they are purposed to be.  In 2000, Jill Valdez joined a start up team for a non-profit organization and was thrust into creating all of the systems and processes necessary to grow the organization.  Eight years later, they were operating on two sites with a 30% increase in clients and a simple operations plan that was successfully passed on to the next director.  Her next position was for an established organization that had been doing things the same way for over 40 years.  Her empathy, combined with her aptitude for assessing people and connecting their passion to a purpose, allowed her to introduce updated processes in order for the team to enjoy greater success at accomplishing their mission.

Brown Doodle Company profile Presentation.png

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