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Most people are promoted because
they are really good at the work they do.  
Unfortunately, 64% of new leaders will leave their job
in the first year.  
We're going to help you become a confident leader
of a committed team providing stellar service.
You aren't alone anymore - we believe NO ONE should be held back by obstacles they can overcome

Most business  leaders are stunted by an uncommitted team that is focused more on their own needs than that of their clients.  So often, leaders don't hold team members to a higher standard out of fear they will quit.  Additionally, there is the burden of an unspoken expectation that you are going to know how to care for a team because you are so good at caring for clients. 

When it comes to wanting more from your team but being afraid of pushing them away, I feel your pain!  


No one should be held back by obstacles that they can overcome!  People who work with me go from stunted to thriving as leaders, experiencing

  • Reduced turnover

  • Less call outs

  • Higher productivity

  • Harmonious work environment

  • No more silos

  • Confidence in your leadership and your team 

  • Do you want to stop trying to motivate underperforming staff and instead work with employees that have an ownership mindset?

  • What if you could feel certain you have the right people in the right roles instead of losing profit from employee turnover?

  • Are you trying to figure out how to split 100% of your focus on people, operations and pipeline and wishing for there to be some way to catch up on your workload?


Let's work together - it's time for you to thrive as a leader!  Leadership is a dynamic and evolving process, and the benefits of effective leadership extend beyond the leader themselves to impact the entire team and organization.


Ultimately, success and significance are not just about personal achievements but also about making a positive difference in the lives of others, leaving a lasting legacy that extends beyond individual accomplishments.  


And you CAN achieve this!

LINK bases its services on transformational leadership theory.  Just as it sounds, transformational leadership theory (TLT) maintains that leaders - actually anyone - can transform themselves and the team around them to the next level of performance.  We believe that all people possess the capability to elevate areas of their life to the next level, transforming to achieve the best results.

Transformational leadership theory is a leadership style and model that focuses on inspiring and motivating followers to achieve their full potential and exceed their own expectations.

This leadership style has been associated with numerous positive outcomes, including increased employee satisfaction, higher levels of organizational commitment, and improved performance.

Working with Jill is a real pleasure and so helpful. At our very first meeting, she gave us an assignment that revealed something important we had overlooked for four years. I appreciate Jill’s positivity and encouragement - and she knows what she’s talking about!  We sought Jill out for help in gaining clarity on steps to transition out of being a start up organization. She was great at listening, mining for details, and pointing us in the right direction. The accountability she provides is invaluable.

photo for Jill.jpeg

Michele, Executive Director

Jill knows well what she can offer a group, and also knows which type groups stand to benefit most from her abilities. Right off she starts the get-acquainted process by asking relevant questions and listening closely--and, oh yes, getting acquainted, because she wants to know who you are! Because of this, Jill uncovers organizational gaps in need of solutions--solutions she can then begin to address with a targeted approach to a specific group. We also appreciate that Jill respects others' time by making the most of meetings, following up with notable promptness, and keeping everyone accountable during the process. So..for those who are serious about working toward effective organizational change, Jill is someone we would recommend.


Pam, Manager

Working with Jill Valdez has definitely enhanced the success of my company, Arizona Grass Raised Beef. Due the rapid growth of my company, we were in need of multiple, specialized employees in a timely manner. Jill Valdez never missed a beat as she implemented her skills in this area of expertise. My company was able  to hire multiple employees that met our exact needs, continue to grow and prosper due to Jill's professional abilities.  I would highly recommend Jill Valdez and her team to fulfill any expectations you might have for your company's staffing needs.


Tim, Owner

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