Business Consulting

Our Calibrate service will measure and adjust the people and processes in your organization through detailed research, strategic development, and collaborative implementation.

- Team Audit:  assessing personality, emotional intelligence, talent of each staff member to determine the right role and development plan to align with your company goals

- Training:  training you and your staff to communicate from the strengths of personality and an increase awareness of how to have the best interactions with others.  Additionally, we will explore behaviors that tear down a team, and use exercises to build the dream team.   

- Coaching:  6 sessions with the aim of contributing to and assisting in the development of strategies that favor your personal and professional growth.

- Strategy:  crafting a specific, easy-to-follow development plan to improve your team's performance and reduce turnover, saving you $37,000 a year per employee.

What could the future look like if it was fully aligned and focused around what you believe about yourself, your business, and the contribution it can make in the world?

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a tool with the aim of contributing to and assisting in the development of strategies that favor the personal and professional growth of managers, providing them with permanent transformative learning in one or more of their visible behaviors, which in turn affects the behavior and performance of their direct collaborators.

Through a process of questions and action plans, you will discover what’s next and how you can best get there. This is not a quick fix; this is not you being told what to do!  There is not a cookie cutter answer for the plans and purpose for your life.  From this coaching relationship, you will go places that you would not have seen any other way.

We have helped people discover how to live their life on purpose, setting boundaries, reaching career goals, identifying roadblocks in their relationships and how to overcome them.


After completing our sessions, people have learned more about themselves and are equipped to accomplish goals for being all that they are purposed to be.

Through a process of questions and action plans, you will discover what’s next and how you can best get there.


Finding the right staff takes time - time to write the job posting, time to read through resumes, time to interview candidates without any guarantee that the one you have chosen is even the right one.  Wouldn’t you rather invest your most precious commodity in doing what you do best … leading your company?  

Our workforce solution includes


- A consultation to create the position’s profile

- A targeted job posting designed to attract candidates who will most likely succeed in the position

- Actively looking for candidates 

- Reviewing resumes with human eyes

- Pre-interviewing candidates with questions designed to explore situational responses, providing insight beyond the words of a resume

Let LINK take away the frustration and apprehension!  You can go about your business knowing that we are working behind the scenes on your behalf.  

LINK bases its services on transformational leadership theory.  Just as it sounds, transformational leadership theory (TLT) maintains that leaders - actually anyone - can transform themselves and the team around them to the next level of performance.  We believe that all people possess the capability to elevate areas of their life to the next level, transforming to achieve the best results.


About our Founder

n 2000, Jill Valdez joined a start up team for a non-profit organization and was thrust into creating all of the systems and processes necessary to grow the organization.  Eight years later, they were operating on two sites with a 30% increase in clients and a simple operations plan that was successfully passed on to the next director.  Her next position was for an established organization that had been doing things the same way for over 40 years.  Her empathy, combined with her aptitude for assessing people and connecting their passion to a purpose, allowed her to introduce updated processes in order for the team to enjoy greater success at accomplishing their mission.

A corporate restructure caused a jump into the for-profit sector where Jill quickly learned that her skills for creating systems and developing efficient processes would fill a void.  Her passion for people living a life of purpose compelled her to developing strategies for employees to be engaged and perform at a higher level.  

In addition to Jill’s years of experience, she also holds a MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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