LINK helps organizations create and implement a vision that everyone understands and embraces, while inspiring employees to action and change with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to fulfill the common good of the company.  Your organization will be transformed after spending time with LINK!  Team members will know how to work together better, improving their collective intelligence and performing at a higher level.  Leaders will be equipped with systems and processes that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of those they lead.  


Our Calibrate service will measure and adjust the people and processes in your organization through detailed research, strategic development, and collaborative implementation.  


Coaching is a tool with the aim of contributing to and assisting in the development of strategies that favor the personal and professional growth of managers, providing them with permanent transformative learning in one or more of their visible behaviors, which in turn affects the behavior and performance of their direct collaborators.

About LINK

LINK bases its services on transformational leadership theory.  Just as it sounds, transformational leadership theory (TLT) maintains that leaders - actually anyone - can transform themselves and the team around them to the next level of performance.  We believe that all people possess the capability to elevate areas of their life to the next level, transforming to achieve the best results.

In 2000, Jill Valdez joined a start up team for a non-profit organization and was thrust into creating all of the systems and processes necessary to grow the organization.  Eight years later, they were operating on two sites with a 30% increase in clients and a simple operations plan that was successfully passed on to the next director.  Her next position was for an established organization that had been doing things the same way for over 40 years.  Her empathy, combined with her aptitude for assessing people and connecting their passion to a purpose, allowed her to introduce updated processes in order for the team to enjoy greater success at accomplishing their mission.  

A corporate restructure caused a jump into the for-profit sector where Jill quickly learned that her skills for creating systems and developing efficient processes would fill a void.  Her passion for people living a life of purpose compelled her to developing strategies for employees to be engaged and perform at a higher level.  

These operational tools have helped companies grow and improve without spending anything extra on marketing!


In addition to Jill’s years of experience, she also holds a MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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